CAReS often receives animals that require just a little bit of extra care. Whether they are too young for adoption, ill, injured or ill-mannered, they require temporary homes to grow, recover and learn.


If you have any questions call the shelter office: 403-625-5370 


Benefits of Fostering Pets

1. Fostering allows more homeless pets to be taken into the rescue shelter by rotating them in and out, which saves more of our furry friend’s lives!

2. Un-socialized pets will get more individual attention, increase their exposure, and in turn increase their chance of finding a forever home.

3. You will get a sense of pride knowing that you helped an animal find a wonderful and loving home.

4. Fostering gives animals a chance for exploration that they would not get in a shelter’s limited space.

5. Feral kittens and young adult cats need help with socializing. Being one on one with these cats will make their transition into a home much easier.

6. Because not all dogs, and especially puppies, are fully trained, a home environment can help teach these pets appropriate home behaviors like house training and greeting people.

7. You will never be bored with a foster pet around! They are an endless source of entertainment from cuddles to training to playing.

8. By fostering a pet, you have joined a community of people who do the same. Lean on each other for support, questions and make new friends in the process of fostering a pet!

9. Fostering is a way to test out if your family is ready to adopt. The shorter time frame is a good way to see if you and your family can fully commit before adopting a pet.

10. Knowing you made a difference in that animal’s life is paramount. You have provided these pets with a comforting and nurturing home and that is a great feeling, you’ll want to do it all over again!