Our Organization


We help pets by:

  • Increasing awareness of humane treatment of animals and promoting spay/neuter programs to reduce overpopulation

  • Providing humane care and medical treatment to stray animals

  • Providing a clean, warm bed and a full tummy to any homeless or unwanted animals

  • Inspiring awareness and compassion for all living things

  • Finding loving and responsible homes for animals at the shelter


Claresholm Animal Rescue Society
4110 3rd Street East,

Claresholm AB
PO Box 2579

Claresholm, AB T0L 0T0

Office: 403-625-5370

Email:  claresholmcares@gmail.com

Hours of Operation
Monday - Saturday 11 am - 2 pm
Closed Sundays

Our Goals:


  • Adoption Services 

  • Animal Protection 

  • Spay/Neuter Programs 

  • Humane Education  

  • Return of lost pets to families