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Become a Volunteer

The Claresholm Animal Rescue Society (CAReS) is actively seeking new volunteers to help with our organization! We have a very unique society in which we offset much of our costs with dedicated, selfless and amazing volunteers who step up to help at our humane shelter. It’s important for people to understand that volunteering with animals does not always mean “picking up poop” or only cleaning. There are so many other things that people can do to help, and at practically any age, from teens to seniors! Sure some cleaning is needed, but also spending quality time socializing & playing with our animals (can we just say… our kittens are ADORABLE!), dishing out food and water, helping at fundraisers, temporarily fostering an animal in your home, and the list goes on. We can give you options, and then you can decide what you’re willing to do!


Here are the things we would generally expect from a CAReS volunteer:


• Kindness, humane treatment, and respect for all animals, both in our shelter and in the community at large

 • Being honest and genuine in your commitment of time and effort to our organization; every little bit helps!

• At all times adhere to the directions from the board, the Animal Care Leader (shelter manager), and also treatment directions as prescribed by a vet

• Fill out and sign our volunteer form & confidentiality waiver. Note that while membership in the CAReS organization is always appreciated, it is not required to be a volunteer

• Willingly adopt & encourage a TEAM oriented environment with the other volunteers, staff, and board members. Cooperation is vital and essential to ensure we do the best job we can for our furry little friends!


So if you think you’d be willing and able to do the above, our organization would in turn provide the following:


 • An atmosphere of friendship through our kindred fondness of animals

• Offer the training, support, and tools necessary to make your volunteer time as efficient as possible

• Encourage any suggestions or feedback on shelter operations and / or fundraising initiatives • Provide fun & social events in appreciation for the work you do

• Guarantee an exceptionally rewarding feeling when these animals are adopted into caring homes!

• Did we mention we often have a lot of cute kittens to cuddle…?


If you are an animal lover, and want to ensure that lost or homeless animals have a safe and healthy place to live while we find them a quality forever home, please fill out our online application and email to

You will need to fill out application forms to be a shelter volunteer. We require you to sign a liability-release agreement.  For more information and details, contact us to volunteer now.




The Claresholm Animal Rescue Society is dependent upon the generosity of its volunteers and members—people like you! It is necessary for us to ask the community to help sustain the lives of those animals within our care. It is your contributions that make a difference.

It is through your generosity that the day-to-day lives of these animals includes food, medical attention, grooming and loving care.

The support of our members makes CAReS life-saving programs and services possible. Your yearly membership makes you an important part of the nurturing care that lost, stray, and abandoned animals receive at CAReS. Working together we can improve the care for all companion animals

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