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Adoption Information

Are there any adoption requirements?

Our goal is to find wonderful homes for the pets under our care. We want to make sure both the pet and the family are happy with the match. In order to ensure that we have found wonderful homes we will go through the specific procedures. Applicants must complete the Adoption Application and submit it. We will put holds on pets once an Adoption Application has been submitted but are not first come first serve; we want to ensure the best fit for the pet. CAReS can, at its sole discretion, determine the best fit and determine if there is not a fit. As payment we only accept cash or etransfer. Same day adoptions are not encouraged but can be arranged for adopters travelling from out of town if we have previously been in contact with them and reviewed their Adoption Application. All adopters must meet the pet of their choice before any adoption proceeds. We have a 21 day grace period in which any pet can be returned for a full refund (provided the health record is also returned). 

How to avoid picking the wrong pet?

Our CAReS’ volunteers are very familiar with each animals’ behaviors and personality. We have covered how to pick the RIGHT pet for your home. We do like focusing on the positive actions you can take, but it’s important to know what to avoid doing too. So we’ve matched some common mistakes that can result in picking the wrong pet, with some suggestions of how to avoid making them.

Vet Q&A: Are pets for adoption healthy?

Make no mistake—a “second-hand” dog is in no way second-rate. Most CAReS pets available for adoption are healthy, affectionate animals. Any dog—young or old, mixed breed or purebred—will likely need some training or retraining to learn how to fit into his new household and become your cherished companion. However, CAReS evaluate a pets behavior when he arrives, and this information can help you determine what kind of training your new pet needs.

Are pets for adoption healthy?
Yes, all of our animals are checked for health issues and seen by a vet for any concerns that may arise. They will all be updated on vaccines, dewormers and any other meds or treatments as required. We will make you aware of any follow-up appointments and/or health concerns they experienced while in our care.

Ready to take your new pet home?
Most CAReS’ pets available for adoption are healthy & affectionate animals. All our animals are evaluated to be ready for adoption before posting. Dogs and cats going into a new home will need owners to be patient and understanding as they make the adjustment into their new homes. As well, if you already have pets in your home, they will need time and patience, to adjust to the new 4-legged family member(s).

Please note that our Animal Care Leaders coordinate all adoptions. If you are interested in viewing our cats, contact Barb 403-625-2593 and for dogs contact Lorraine 403-625-0432. All adoption applications can be emailed to​​​​​

Adoption Fees

Effective May 1st, 2023

Dog & Puppy Adoption Fees                                            Cat & Kitten Adoption Fees

Puppies (12 months and under) $350                                                               Cats/Kittens $175

Adult (1-5 yrs.) $300                                                                                          Senior (10+ yrs.) $100

Senior (6+ yrs.) $250                                                                                         Shop Cats $100

Surrender fee is $100.00 per animal.


*All fees include all vaccinations and spay/neuter.

*Shelter policy requires kittens going out unaltered have an additional $100 deposit until proof of spay/neuter. Once proof is shown, deposit will be returned.

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